Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm Confused

Saya ingatkan

pagi ini akan menjadi pagi yang indah

seperti hari-hari sebelumnya :)


pagi ini,

saya dibangunkan oleh Mummy.

She called me.

     kerana saya tidak mau pgi
     interview spa,
     sya lupa pula yang parents sya
     maw btul sya join tu interview.
     sya tidak trfikir yang pagi nie
     mummy call sya psal itu :P

time awal2 tuu, sya masih menjawab

mummy dengan suara mengantuk

trus... makin lama, makin serious pula sikit.

She told me to go for that interview

but my heart said i really don't wanna go.
(ok. i'm crying lagi :<)

Reasons is :
                  - i don't like the job(tidak berminat)
                  - my level of study is higher than the job
                    (i'm in degree level now,and it's my 2nd yr.but that job is in diploma level)
and believe my God prepared a beautiful future for me.

why do i have to worry if i don't get a job when i Graduated

i know sometimes i have financial problems.

Bapa will pension soon.

and i still have 2bro n a sister who are still in school.

selepas kena pujuk2, advice2, ceremah2 ... and many more.

i suddenly cried. my voice can't come out from my mouth.

i trus silent without answering my mummy.

then i juz said "yaa" and finished.

i didn't hang up the phone

i juz busy controlling my voice

i don't want my parents know that i'm crying that time.

i juz couldn't answer anymore. sya terus tdk terjawab mummy sy lagi

cukup la sy jawb "yaa", and thats mean i'll juz go!

i didn't prepare anything, i'll answer everything that interviewer ask.

sya masih akan buat dengan sungguh2 laa.. :D

whan i wanna hang up the phone, mummy already did.

so, i don't know anything after that.

maybe she smiled happily bcoz i will go.

and I

ended up crying until my eyes swelled. T.T

then. i ask Lord : outhoghe ?? (korean language)

sambil i cried, i pray laa to God.

It's really hard for being a human actually.. :)

But God makes in easier from time to time ...

God bless! 

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